What I'm looking for as a consultant.

I'm looking for primarily brick and mortar style business.

Meaning someone who has a storefront or self owned business operated out of the home.

Construction, Chiropractors, restaurants, farms, etc.

Also be reputable, its good to also have some kind of online presence (facebook page, website, online ad) but not necessary.

No mlms or business opportunities please. Network marketing companies usually have numerous guidelines to advertising and prefer you stick to word of mouth or person to person interaction or home meetings style advertising. Take the time to read their policy's and setup what you can online yourself or with someone who understands that platform usually found in the back office of your log in..

Is this a fit for my business?

Do you own a company? Have satisfied clients? Do you find marketing and sending out bids/proposals eating up your day?

We can help pour in more offers, this will  help you pick more easily whom to work with. The cleaner we create your message the easier it will be to attract those clients that match beautifully. I do accept PAYPAL.